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Keeping Reiki Free

Reiki and the Religious or Spiritual Defense
Many Reiki practitioners have chosen to become ordained ministers as a way to protect themselves from the Medical Practice Act (practicing medicine without a license). The value of this method of legal defense is questionable. A sermon written by the Universal Life Church outlines several key issues necessary for Reiki to be considered ones religion. However, even if one can prove that Reiki is ones religion, it still does not guarantee that this will be a viable legal defense.

Because of this and the fact that the medical practice act does already exist, and since other groups are considering creating government licensing of Reiki, something must be done to protect ourselves from this threat.

Several states have passed laws exempting alternative/complementary practitioners including Reiki practitioners from the medical practice act. These laws are beneficial to Reiki practitioners as they prevent the government from harassing us and make the practice of Reiki without a license a legitimate legal activity. The legislation recently passed in California is a good example of this. I suggest you carefully read this short bill as it is a good model for legislation that protects Reiki practitioners and also protects the client. Please click here to read this short bill: California Health Freedom

Many states are working to keep Reiki and other alternative/complementary healing methods free of unnecessary government regulation.

Reiki practitioners in Florida have been hampered by the Massage board that says one needs to be a licensed massage therapist to practice Reiki. This group is creating legislation to prevent this and keep Reiki free.
group here

National Organization
A national organization has formed to work with anyone wanting to create legislation to protect our right to choose the healing modality we want without the threat of unnecessary government licensing. This is a really wonderful group of people who have a solid spiritual commitment to protect our rights. I highly recommend that you become a member and if you can, make a donation. In this way, you will be helping to keep Reiki free! Please click here to go to the site.
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